OUR STORY - A Community of African Entrepreneurs Building Businesses & Transforming Africa.
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We are a pan-African movement for young entrepreneurs and by young entrepreneurs.


Founded on 1st November 2015 in the city of Lagos Nigeria, TheIncubators Africa is a fast emerging business learning and support ecosystem for and by young vibrant African entrepreneurs.


Known as the hub for exciting business interaction, learning, inspiration, engagement, and support, we pride ourselves to be a passionate community of disruptors, creators, change makers, solution seekers, business builders, mentors, investors, educators, policy makers, and young entrepreneurs committed to building successful enterprises and making a positive difference in Africa.


We want to build the Africa of our dreams through collective entrepreneurship and young entrepreneurs as the key drivers. Through our growing network across different cities, we create and facilitate engaging platforms, programs, and opportunities for young African entrepreneurs to learn and share ideas, deepen their knowledge of business, grow their capacity to build successful enterprises, forge new partnership for growth, and gain access to quality support.


Our mission is to build the businesses that build Africa!

We believe young African entrepreneurs hold the key to unlocking the vast potential of Africa to build a prosperous continent for all. Together, we can all play a role to make this dream a reality.


Africa is the new frontier; but we must first prepare, position, and support our young entrepreneurs to succeed for her full potentials to be realized.
This ideal is what is fueling our drive and forms the core of the mission.

We believe that young African entrepreneurs are the key solution to unlocking Africa’s vast wealth. Until we raise successful entrepreneurs in Africa and give them the right education, environment, and access they need, Africa as a continent will not rise.

Hence, we want to be at the forefront of raising a movement of young, vibrant entrepreneurs and amplifying their voice by providing the right connection, knowledge, advocacy, and support they need to start and grow BIG.

We are one of Africa's fastest growing business ecosystems for young entrepreneurs.