Enterprise Support Clinic - A Community of African Entrepreneurs Building Businesses & Transforming Africa.
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Enterprise Support Clinic

About This Project

Welcome to Enterprise Support Clinic!


Just like periodically visiting a health clinic to keep check of your health condition, young entrepreneurs too need a safe place where they can evaluate their performance and get timely advisory help that they need to thrive.


Are you are currently stuck in your business and things are not working right?


Do you want to accelerate to a new level but need a push to get you going?


Are there specific complex business issues you are dealing with and you need answers to?


Is there a business opportunity you are thinking of and you really someone with better insight to talk to?


Do you need a mentor or an expert who truly understands your situation and is willing to help?


Then, you kindly pay a visit to Enterprise Support Clinic in your area.


Enterprise Support Clinic is a walk-in business clinic set up to help young African entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners access quick, affordable, and relevant enterprise advisory solutions to help them better navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurship.


At ESC, you get to meet and have a heart-to-heart engagement with experienced consultants, lead entrepreneurs, and industry experts with deep understanding on what it takes to grow a business in complex terrains.


The clinic opens every first Saturday of the month.


To sign up, kindly CLICK HERE.



We are one of Africa's fastest growing business ecosystems for young entrepreneurs.