REBOOT - A Community of African Entrepreneurs Building Businesses & Transforming Africa.
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About This Project

Just like rebooting a computer to allow the operating system to reload and function better, entrepreneurs too go through moments when they MUST step back and reboot their system – reloading their entire business system to function better in today’s changing times.


Are you are currently stuck in your business and things are not working right?


Do you want to accelerate to a new level but need a push and a strategy to get going?


Then, you need is to reboot.


REBOOT is a business re-engineering workshop and strategy engagement session for young entrepreneurs and business owners holding across all our learning ecosystems in different cities.


At REBOOT, you will join our team of experts and successful entrepreneurs in a closed-door, lab-format to learn and re-work critical areas in your business for better performance – from strategy to sales/marketing to accounting/finance/tax to process management to HR to the use of technology to enable growth.


Participating in a REBOOT session is like going to a field work or a situation room filled with think-tanks where you are challenged to make some tough decisions, arm with quality tools, and take solid actions to move your business from where you are to where you want it to be.


At REBOOT, you will also have the chance to leverage on the stories on other entrepreneurs and compare notes in various areas of your business.

We are one of Africa's fastest growing business ecosystems for young entrepreneurs.