THE BUSINESS AXIS - A Community of African Entrepreneurs Building Businesses & Transforming Africa.
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About This Project

Welcome to The Business Axis!


Being an entrepreneur or building a growth business in Africa is a tough job.  Typically, young entrepreneurs, even though thrive in some magical way, are constantly faced with complex issues that affect their businesses.


The Business Axis is a nerve centre where smart, young African entrepreneurs converge to cross-pollinate innovative ideas and inspire each other for success.


Our Objective?


Given our mission as an organization to build businesses that build Africa,  The Business Axis is the meeting point for entrepreneurs committed to the cause.



Our goals are to:


  • Encourage intellectually stimulating conversations among upwardly mobile young entrepreneurs on key issues on business, leadership, management, policies, trade, and economics in Africa.


  • Help smart, young entrepreneurs find real answers to pressing business issues confronting them.


  • Create an environment for networking and forge growth partnerships among young entrepreneurs of like minds.


  • Fostering strategic meeting points among young entrepreneurs, industry leaders, regulators, investors, and policy makers.


  • Celebrate failure and success stories of young entrepreneurs in ways that inspire change.
  • Raise a movement of change agents and job creators committed to using enterprise to address social ills.


Target audience:


The Business Axis is strictly designed to engage smart young African entrepreneurs shaping today’s and tomorrow’s landscape.




If that describes you, then The Business Axis is just for you!


What Does It Take To Get Into The Business Axis?


If you are a young entrepreneur and you are smart, then we are coming for you.


Kindly CLICK HERE to check out the upcoming The Business Axis happening in your area.


The Business Axis is proudly powered by TheIncubators Africa.




Target Audience

Smart, young African entrepreneurs with existing businesses.

We are one of Africa's fastest growing business ecosystems for young entrepreneurs.