Academy - A Community of African Entrepreneurs Building Businesses & Transforming Africa.
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About This Project

Welcome to TheIncubators Academy!

…grooming young entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and transform Africa.


Today’s world of entrepreneurship is increasingly complex, thanks to growing innovation, shifting market behaviour, and rising competition.


Starting and growing a business in today’s African environment comes with daunting challenges and overwhelming opportunities that require a new set of thinking, sound knowledge, and the right skills to really succeed.


TheIncubators Academy is the training institute for young African entrepreneurs who want to start and grow in successful and impactful businesses.


At TheIncubators Academy, it is all about action, engagement, and results.



We are strictly focused on teaching actionable business information, right attitudes, and street-smart skills; hence our programmes are carefully tailored to be hands-on, case-based, and engaging for our students to enjoy and implement.


We believe entrepreneurship education in Africa should be more practical and outcome-based… not mere talk and grades. Therefore, our approach is all about love, application, and growth. As a student of the academy, you are not only taught practical knowledge and skills to succeed in business, but you are groomed to be a better person and challenged to take action and produce results.


Our Faculty is made up of a team of proven, passionate, and leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, and tested experts from diverse business sectors and knowledge area.

At TheIncubators Academy, you get to learn first-hand and from the best, as they walk you through practical, time-test insights to help you make sense of the complexities of growing a business in Africa.


As a student of the academy, you are also automatically incorporated into TheIncubators Family.


What that means is that you gain instant membership access into our TheIncubators African Business Alumni Network (TABAN) where you get to receive follow-up mentoring support for your business from us.


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, thinking of starting your own business and you want to equip yourself to succeed?


Are you running a business and you want to scale it to the next level and you need the right business and management knowledge, mentoring, and access?



Then join us at TheIncubators Academy to acquire knowledge, skills, and forge the right network to help you succeed in business.

We have unique programme courses tailored to suit your entrepreneurial need.


At TheIncubators Academy, this is what you stand to gain:


  • Learn street-smart strategies and skills on how to start, manage, & grow a successful enterprise
  • Learn practical business case studies that connect with your needs.
  • Connect with leading entrepreneurs & time-tested experts to help you make sense of business complexities
  • Access stand-by follow-up support from TheIncubators Academy Monitoring Team.
  • Meet and connect with other entrepreneurs like you to challenge you to grow.
  • Automatic membership into TheIncubators Academy Business Alumni Network (TABAN).
  • Certificate of Participation will be issued.
  • Meet with other entrepreneurs to challenge you to grow.
  • Get referrals to your business 


Our learning methodology has been designed to be exciting, actionable, and engaging, with practical case studies, exercises, discussions, and peer-to-peer learning approach that help you deal with real issues in business.


Per programme, we maintain a maximum class size of 15 students to allow for proper interaction, diversity of thoughts, and connection among the students as well as between the facilitators and the students. Our learning facility is very conducive for learning and students are guided through various fun exercises, group work, and field assignment.


Next Academic session?


The next class holds July 25th – 27th

Class time: 9 A.M. daily


How Do I Apply?

 The application process into TheIncubators Academy is very straightforward but we only take limited students. Here are the 4 steps:



Carefully fill out and submit an application form for the Programme you are applying for.



Pay your tuition fee to designated bank account.



After payment and filling of form, our team will contact to verify every detail provided.



Upon receipt of payment and completed form, a Payment Receipt and Confirmation Letter would be sent to your email within 48 hours confirming your admission into the programme.


For any other enquiry, please call Uchechi on 08160560570



Target Audience

Aspiring, young, and growing entrepreneurs, leaders, and business managers

We are one of Africa's fastest growing business ecosystems for young entrepreneurs.