THEINCUBATORS-PRO - A Community of African Entrepreneurs Building Businesses & Transforming Africa.
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About This Project

This is an exclusive business learning ecosystem for young vibrant entrepreneurs across diverse business sectors. Delivered in a mastermind, meet-up format, members converge in different cities to network, x-ray their business issues, and learn innovative strategies to move to the next level.

If you run a business, this platform will bring you closer to entrepreneurs like you and provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn, network, compare notes, and share business experiences. At this platform you will also have the chance to bare your heart on pressing issues affecting your business and be sure to find answers to tough business questions you are dealing with.

As if that is not all, you would also have the chance to connect and receive on-the-stop mentoring support from leading CEOs that have built successful businesses and are willing to share their secrets and lessons.

Currently holding in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Delta, Uyo, Ibadan, and Bayelsa. If you would like us to host a learning ecosystem in your city, please CLICK HERE and fill out the simple city activation request form and our team will reach out to you asap.

Target Audience

Young African entrepreneurs with existing businesses.

We are one of Africa's fastest growing business ecosystems for young entrepreneurs.