UNWIND - A Community of African Entrepreneurs Building Businesses & Transforming Africa.
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About This Project

…Unwind is the new culture of entrepreneurship.


Oftentimes entrepreneurs can get so busy managing priorities, chasing deals, putting off fire, and serving customers that they hardly find time to relax, ease off stress, gain better perspectives, or smell their own roses.


This has been proven to lead to stress, depression, frustration, sickness, and sometimes death. We believe you do not have to overwork yourself to build a profitable and impactful business.


Unwind is an exclusive leisure and business getaway experience solution company created just for U. We offer fun, unforgettable spaces for young entrepreneurs to relax, recharge, and have lots of fun.


Join other young entrepreneurs to explore countless breathtaking, serene, peaceful destinations across Africa that helps you create the balance you need to feel alive.


Time to take a fun break!


Get away from their everyday life of dealing with paperwork, spread sheet, factory work, and the whole stress of running a business to truly enjoy the beauty of nature, history, art, music, dance, food, culture, and people.

Unwind is just about U.


Our goal is to help you relax, stay fit, and have lots of fun. We help you find that right balance between the seriousness of entrepreneurship and the fun of being a human.


Mixed with learning, fun, sports, inspiration, adventures, and team bonding exercises, Unwind offers a lifetime opportunity for you to catch your breath, play, renew your strength, connect with your inner self, and gain better perspective to build a better business.


As a participant to the Unwind experience, you have the opportunity to:


  • Relax and have fun in a quiet, serene atmosphere.
  • Explore Africa’s finest destinations.
  • Make new friends and grow your network.
  • Connect and bond with other entrepreneurs.
  • Gain inspiration.
  • Share ideas and lessons on how to grow your business.
  • Learn from top business learners and industrial experts
  • Stay fit and happy.
  • Recharge your drive.
  • And many more.


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Target Audience

Young entrepreneurs, CEOs, Startup founders, Managers, and Corporate Executives

We are one of Africa's fastest growing business ecosystems for young entrepreneurs.