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If you a young entrepreneur seeking new growth, then you need to grab and read this book. This book will challenge your mind, stir your imagination, question your underlying assumptions, and show you how to up your business game to the next level. Filled with rich of business and management strategies, practical case studies, captivating stories, well-researched facts, and strong business lessons to help you become more competitive, make better sense of the changing business landscape, and better position your business for growth.


You can invest so much in your business and lose everything, just like that, due to lack of commitment, integrity, and loyalty from your team. Building a culture of strong loyalty is every entrepreneur’s dream, but only few are able to achieve it. This book is will show you simple strategies on how to inspire commitment within your team, build a strong culture of loyalty, and create a fulfilling work space that enhances quality performance.


As an entrepreneur, you are constantly being shaped by the voices you listen to and the voices you create yourself. These voices are what determine your values, your philosophy, your aspirations, your culture, your strategies, and ultimately, your growth. This book will show you 100 timeless voices you must listen to or create in order to build a great business.

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